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A staged home is a sold home.

Think about model homes; they are beautifully decorated, but they are not personal in any way-no family photos, collections, or too specific in design style. They want everyone who walks through the front door to be able to picture their own family living there. The same principals hold true when staging your property for sale. You don't want potential buyers to be distracted by your stuff or style, rather than the house itself. You don't want them to leave knowing everything about you, and remembering nothing about the house itself. The house should always be the star!

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By working with Rose Gold Group on your next project we guarantee the following:

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Clear and constant communication.
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We include you in the conversation for important decisions.
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Full transparency on project costs and materials.
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All of our projects are market driven.
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Industry rated materials and concepts.
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Discounted rates to home appliances and luxury items.

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